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Land Mobile Products

The SpaceCom antenna is an integral part of a complete satellite communication system. SpaceCom products form an essential part of complete satellite terminals, which are marketed worldwide in various guises by different companies. 

SpaceCom supplies communication equipment for various satellite systems, among these are


  • INMARSAT for more information, please see the INMARSAT website

  • THURAYA for more information, please see the Thuraya website

  • LightSquared for more information, please see the LightSquared website


These systems all operate satellites in geostationary orbit. A geostationary satellite follows a circular orbit above the Equator at the height of about 36,000 km (22,250 miles) so that it seems to hover over a chosen point on the Earth`s surface.

Inmarsat BGAN System

Thuraya System

LightSquared System

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