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The basic idea of trust and of a flat organization pervades SpaceCom, placing the individual at the centre and delegating to the individual with positive results duties and responsibilities within administration, development and production.


In this way SpaceCom becomes an innovative and dynamic company, reliable to its cooperating partners and defining its quality goals according to the customers´ wishes and needs.


The business concept of SpaceCom is straightforward: on each level in the company SpaceCom wants to attract the most gifted persons who possess the capability to develop and make products of the highest quality that enable SpaceCom to build a business. 


SpaceCom is characterized by a holistic view on society and by sound business practice – in this way profitability is not merely an end in itself but a prerequisite for the retention and development of an attractive workplace in the local community.


Ever since its start the company has been characterized by organic growth based on a firm economic foundation contributing locally, regionally and nationally to a positive development of society.


SpaceCom continues to be among the very first manufacturers of the latest technology within satellite communication when new services are introduced by the satellite operators. This makes SpaceCom one of the leading providers worldwide in tracking antenna systems for satellite communication.SpaceCom´s continuous growth accentuates the role of the company in society and its contribution to the development of society.


As one of first companies in Denmark SpaceCom wants to promote coherence and concrete examples of collaboration between the company and relevant research centres and education institutions at home and abroad.The aim of these initiatives is to increase focus on and interest in scientific education, particularly within the area of electronics.


By instigating these initiatives SpaceCom wants to be capable of attracting highly qualified labour for the development and production of high technology products locally and regionally.

Peter Nielsen
Founder and Principal
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